Ensuring that your commercial HVAC system(s) are operating properly can be a key factor in reducing the spread of COVID-19. We can analyze the amount of make up air(fresh air) that is introduced into your building or commercial space, determine the air exchange rate(air changes) and review the air filtration(how effectively air filters remove particles from the air).

covid-19 airflow study 

Water Balancing 

Fume hood Testing 


HVAC equipment waterside balancing is required so equipment, such as chillers and VAV terminal boxes will operate properly. Carefully balancing water flow to this equipment will reduce energy costs and ensure that your HVAC systems will operate at peak performance for years to come. 


Air Balancing 


All HVAC systems must be balanced to verify that installed equipment is operating properly and to ensure that tenants, employees, etc., will be safe and comfortable. To achieve this, we perform a Total System Balance (TSB). We'll test, adjust, and balance the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. All construction documents will be reviewed and a full, AABC certified report will be submitted after all balancing is complete.  


Whether in a restaurant kitchen or a laboratory, exhaust fume hoods need to be tested and balanced.  All systems are engineered to remove a specific amount of air or "CFM" from the space while also bringing in fresh air, we will test and adjust all equipment in order to achieve the proper CFM.

OTHER SERVICES INCLUDE:​ HVAC Systems Survey - Stairwell Pressure Testing - Smoke Evacuation Testing

Duct Leakage Testing - Pre-Demolition Readings - Hospital/Isolation Room Testing - Clean Room Certification

Pump Performance Testing - Preliminary Plan Review - HVAC Commissioning - Jobsite Inspection

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